Rapallo - Touristic Guide


Rapallo  Rapallo is a commune in the province of Geneva, in Liguria, Italy. It counts approximately 30.224 inhabitants.
 For the number of its inhabitants it is the sixth more populous commune of the Liguria, preceded from the town of Geneva, La Spezia, Savona, Sanremo and Imperia.

 For tradition, they are three different formal procedure of to indicate the inhabitants of the town: the rapallinisono those who are native and lived at Rapallo; the rapallesi, those who reside or are native in town but that have foreign origins and finally the ruentini, used more rarely in the local jargon.
 Rapallo is found in the west part of the Gulf of Tigullio, set in the gulf that it takes its name. The town is extended much more is on the costs that on the hills overhanging. Between the varied torrents that they run in the town territory the more mattering it is surely the Roars called also historically Bogo, which it divides in two the town.
 To the town it was confer in 2006 the Dark Blue Flag for the quality of the services of the tourist port.
 The commune does part of the geographic zone called Tigullio.
 The first unit inhabited would seem to go back 700 to a.C. continued some finding, in 1911, of an ancient grave in the present district of Saint Anna. In the excavations they had been restored to the different light objects sacred, between which a ballot box cineraria in terracotta with cross gammata containing some human bone - a cuspide of spear in iron, pots and a bracelet of gold to shape of serpent.

 From the first studies carried out on the bone recovered it was possible to establish the etruscan origin or Greek. The material went subsequently lost doing not be able to confront it so with the prehistoric findings of the Necropoli of the neighbour Chiavari, leaving uncertainty on the first origins of the borgo.
 In 643 king Rotari, sovereign of the Longobardi, after to have gained the lands of the Liguria created between Zoagli and Rapallo a military detachment to defend against the rivals Byzantine, while the Ambrosian - the followers of Saint Ambrose - constituted the first religious temple the Ambrosian Pieve, an of the most ancient of the Liguria together with those of Door, Ligurian Pieve and Recco.

 In 964 the name of the borgo rapallese appeared for the first time in a notarial action, where comes cited in the sale of a ground. In the years 1070-1076-1079 was repeatedly attached from the Pisan for political revenge against the historical rival Geneva.
 In 1171 come cited for the first time the consulate of Rapallo, made a supposition to the historics the constitution of Rapallo in free commune under the protection of Geneva. The town territory native is constituted from the borghi of Rapallo, Saint Margherita Ligurian and Portofino.